Report: M1 Lent bumps 2023

Day one: After starting right next to the cannon, Homerton M1 were right on M1’s heels as Corpus M1 was with theirs. They held on against homerton long enough until Corpus bumped them.

As the crew settled into a row over, two crabs altered the rhythm enough for a nifty Hughes M1 to sneak up on them and get the overbump.

Day two: Sidney M1, having been victims of an overbump the previous day faced Wolfson M1 who had earnt an overbump on the same day. After a hard fought race Sidney conceded to Wolfson who ended up with some serious super blades despite the limited days of bumps.

Day three: Bumps cancelled due to high water levels and dangerous streams.

Day four: On the final day of lent bumps, Sidney M1 held off Pembroke M2 valiantly until eventually the final whistles sounded and they had to concede.