Report: W1 Lent bumps 2023

Day one: Despite Sidney having two whistles on Fitz, Fitz W1’s fly and die technique led to them nabbing Catz W1 on grassy and stepping out. Having pulled away significantly from Darwin behind, Sidney was forced to stop and restart when Fitz failed to clear after their bump. This massively hindered their chances of an overbump on Queens W1 and so whilst they gained on them, the day ended with a rowover.

Day two: Sidney W2 chased down Catz W1 off the start, bumping them well before Ditton corner.

Day three: Bumps cancelled due to high water levels and dangerous streams.

Day four: Sidney W1 clearly utilized their day off well as they managed to bump Queens W1 before grassy corner. 
@freddiedyke thanks for the photos.