Report: M1 May bumps 2023

It’s time for the most talked about crew on Rowbridge, with the most interesting bumps chart, and the most determined, genuine and strong crew I have ever had the pleasure of coaching, Sidney M1.

Not a single one of this crew had rowed in M1 before this year. In fact, 5 of the rowers in M1 noviced this year with the most recent addition being cox, Alice, who smashed it out the park having only picked up the sport in Lent term. This is what makes Sidney M1’s success so monumental.

After a strong start on day one, the boys pulled away from Homerton behind and gained whistles on the stacked Eddies M1 crew ahead. After a shoutout for our ~slightly~ loud bankpartying on camfm, the crew was able to bump on first post corner. They rowed home with an abundance of greenery and enjoyed all the support from the bank.

On day two, Homerton M1 caught Eddies M1 early behind and whilst Sidney M1 held onto Churchill M1 well off the start, the pink blades were able to slowly pull away over the course. Behind the Homerton and Eddies bump-out, Emma M2 was being chased by very strong Pembroke M2 and were giving it their all to get away. Around grassy, Pembroke was on their final whistle with Emma who were close to concession after a tough chase. However, Emma was able to muster the energy to edge onto and overbump Sidney M1 whilst just holding off Pembroke.

“I want to quickly note here that this evening we had to wash a boat. Not just the boat we raced in but also the Laura Duncalfe, a new women’s novice Janousek, for its naming ceremony the next day. The boys put their dejection and frustration from the day aside and meticulously worked on this as the spirits slowly raised. Laura was a prominent member of the Sidney Womens side and participated in the 2013 May bumps with W2 a decade ago. She sadly passed away last year and in the end, her spirit and attitude which was so bright and so passionate is what has shone through every discussion I have had about her. Bumps records mean things to us, they give us something to focus on but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that rowing is a sport, that brings us together. I want to thank M1 for showing me that that evening.”

On day three, the mighty Pembroke M2 chased from behind as we chased Eddies M1 yet again. Despite being on overlap with Eddies and painfully close to the bump, Pembroke was just able to bump us around grassy.

Day four was difficult, after a long week of racing and pulling together so well as a crew despite everything, Sidney were double overbumped as they crossed the finish line of the final day. It was an incredibly talented division this year and we were grateful for the competition. 

That being said, don’t think for a second that our redemption plan isn’t already in motion.

-Fizz McNally, coach