Silvia Breu

Silvia Breu was a treasured member of SSBC who very sadly passed away after a battle with cancer. In tribute to her and the lasting effect her coaching has had on the club, (as well as many others on the Cam) this Filippi VIII is named in her honour.

M1 row in Silvia Breu.

Kate Spence

Kate Spence was added to Sidney’s fleet in 2018. It is a WinTech International VIII. Kate is named after Dr Kate Spence, SSBC Captain of Boats in 1987, and currently a fellow at Emmanuel College.

W1 row in Kate Spence.

K. J. Pollard

K. J. Pollard is named in memory of former SSBC cox and Junior Treasurer K. J. Pollard, who sadly died whilst trying to cross the Cam when frozen. She is a carbon fibre shelled Stämpfli, and was officially named on the Saturday of May Bumps 2013.

M2 currently row in Pollard.

Mark Wainwright

Mark Wainwright is a women’s Janousek 8+ purchased in 2009 from the funds raised at the Club’s first Alumni Dinner in Michaelmas 2008 and with the help of the Knox Shaw fund. She is named in memory of Mark, a student and keen oarsman at Sidney in the late 1970s. The name was chosen by a group of his old College friends following their very kind donations towards the new boat.

A naming ceremony was held in March 2009, which was well attended by Mark’s friends and family, alumni, and current boat club members.

W2 row in Mark. 

Dorothy Larkum

Dorothy Larkum is a men’s Janousek 8+ purchased in 2005 with the help of the Knox Shaw fund. She was named in memory of the wife of our Bursar, Charles Larkum, at his request, in thanks for all of the hard work that he has put into the Boat Club in his time as Bursar.

A naming ceremony was held in April 2005.

M2 row in Dorothy.

Lady Frances

Lady Frances is a women’s Janousek 8+ purchased in 2000 with the help of the Knox Shaw fund. She is named in honour of our College’s foundress, Lady Frances Sidney Sussex.

W3 and female novice crews row in Lady Fran.

Lord Protector 400

Lord Protector 400 is a men’s Aylings Olympian 8+ purchased in 1996 as part of the College’s quatercentenary celebrations. She is named after Oliver Cromwell, Sidney’s most notorious alumnus, with the 400 denoting College’s fourth centenary. Lord Protector 400 replaced Lord Protector as the 1st men’s shell until 2005 when the new Dorothy Larkum took over the role, followed by K. J. Pollard.

M3 and male novice crews row in LP400.


Tomminox is one of a succession of boats purchased from the Knox Shaw fund. She is a Burgashell 8+. Tomminox is named after Thomas Knox Shaw, Bursar of the College and supporter of the Boat Club.

Female novices row in Tomminox (although she is a unisex boat).

Mike Phillips

Mike Phillips is a Janousek 4+ named in memory of longtime supporter of the Boat Club and Captain of Boats (1965-66), Mike Phillips.  She was launched in January 2017 in conjunction with the Alumni Boat Club Dinner.

M1 supplement their training with Mike Phillips.

The St. George

The St. George was named in memory of George, the son of two alumni who kindly donated towards its purchase. Its name is also a nod to the name of the Fort St. George pub, a popular watering hole for rowers.

W1 are allowed sole use of the St George.

K. J. Pollard

K. J. Pollard is the 1st men’s single scull named in memory of former SSBC cox and Junior Treasurer, K. J. Pollard who sadly died whilst trying to cross the Cam when frozen. She is a Burgashell 1x purchased by Pollard’s parents because of his love of the Club.

Current and former rowers from M1 may row in Pollard.

Liz Hook

Liz Hook is a women’s scull donated by Elizabeth Hook, an ex-member of SSBC.

Current and former rowers from W1 may row in Liz.

Retired Boats

The Reverend Wallace

The Reverend Wallis (sometimes spelt Wallace) is a men’s Burgashell 8+. It was retired in 2020 after the delivery of Silvia Breu.

Lord Protector

Lord Protector was another of the Club’s Oliver Cromwell themed boats. Predecessor to the Lord Protector 400, she was purchased in 1988, making her older than some of the people who rowed in her. To avoid confusion, she is now known as ‘Original LP’ or ‘the Chainsaw’, on account of the unusual protrusions running up the boat that had a nasty habit of taking off the fingers of rowers with poor hand heights. She is a Sims, with rumour having it that, in the hands of a Rob Roy crew, she won and still holds the record for the Cam Head Course. The sax-board of the Lord Protector was sold at the Alumni Dinner in 2019, contributing greatly to the club’s finances.


Cambelles was a women’s wooden 4+ of unknown origin. Often referred to as Cam Belles by the women’s squad, she was antiquated and in much need of retirement, and was replaced by The St. George.

Donald Green

Donald Green was a Burgashell 4+. She was named in honour of one of the Boat Club’s recent Senior Treasurers in recognition of his hard work on behalf of the club.  She was used by senior men until being replaced by Mike Phillips in 2017.

Roger Andrew

Roger Andrew was a women’s Burgashell 8+, named after a former Bursar of the College. Until 2000 she was the women’s first choice shell when she was passed on to the 2nd women. She was used by women’s and men’s lower boats until her retirement when a new eight, K.J. Pollard, was bought.