Report: M2 May bumps 2023

Sidney M2 started May Bumps on station 8 in division 4.

On the first day, the boys pursued Clare III while being chased by Wolfson II, whom are both well-drilled crews. Despite the challenges, the crew with Jake subbing in the bow seat, was high-spirited and closed off about a quarter length on Clare before cox, E, had to concede to Wolfson. 

On the second day, M2 was chased by Clare III and had the opportunity to take revenge on Wolfson II. With Jake subbing into the bow seat again, the crew made a valiant attempt to e and was just outside station with Wolfson as crews behind bumped out. Further into the course, E took a bold but correct call to easy the crew avoiding a crash into stationary crews at grassy. Despite this disruption, the boys showed commitment and determination and fell back into their rhythm swiftly. M2 may be quite far from setting a fastest bumps course record but the bank party is quite confident that they have set the record for the loudest row over on the course motivating each other as led by the resident backseat cox James at 6. 

Friday was the toughest day for M2, being chased by Magdalene III and having the second chance to chase Wolfson II. The crew understood that the bump would happen inevitably but there was no excuse not to work hard. Although the boys looked tired after two days of racing in the heat, the crew shared the simple goal of holding off Magdalene for as long as possible and executed the plan well. The race ran from station 9 till First Post Corner. 

The last day of bumps saw Jonah and Peter subbing into bow pair of M2 and Darina further up the boat. Chasing Magdalene III who bumped us the day before was known to be difficult but the boys delivered the strongest start throughout the week nevertheless. Both crews ahead of Sidney M2 were granted technical rowovers following poor clearing further ahead. The crew responded well around grassy with a strong push moving on Girton for the overbump on Plough reach. Umpires later clarified after Ditton that Girton was out of the race, but the crew had a solid row over regardless. 

This wrapped up M2’s Mays 2023 with the overall result of going down 2.

-Woody Lam, M2 coach