Report: M2 Lent Bumps 2023

Day one: Sidney M2 were placed at the bottom of division 3, being chased by the Sandwich boat Wolfson M2. Having been unable to change the shoes in an unfamiliar vessel, as soon as the crew started lengthening out around 6 strokes into the race, three crabs occurred simultaneously. Great synchronicity from the crew. Two of these nearly ejectors. This instantaneously caused the boat to stop and forced Wolfson to hold it up before even making contact for our safety. As a result, Wolfson were awarded a technical bump and Sidney took their position as the div ¾ sandwich boat.

Day two: With some fab subbing from Thibaut and newly replaced shoes on the boat overnight (thanks Tim!) M2 looked forward to a good day of racing ahead. At the head of div 4, they were initially being chased by Corpus M2. After a strong battle, Sidney M2 rowed over having pulled away from Corpus M2 early on.

They then were chasing Wolfson M2 at the bottom of division 3. They gained half a length on them over the course (crabless this time :)) but just missed out on the bump, rowing over for our second time that day.

Day three: Following these rowovers with no bumps around them, day 3 saw the exact same starting positions as day 2. AP was subbing in due to an injury and was a great sport in picking up the crews tech. Sidney M2 gained a slight lead going into the gut when AP unfortunately massively pulled his hamstring through the gut and effectively had to stop rowing. Down to seven men, the crew persevered, holding onto their rapidly diminishing lead until Corpus M2 bumped them going around Ditton corner.

Day four: Bumps cancelled for lower divisions due to high water levels and dangerous streams.