Report: Champs Head 2022

The long awaited Champs head race summary is here! W1 and M1 both competed in this 1.45k time trial.

W1 got off to a slower start than normal but picked it up in time for Ditton corner which was taken very well despite it being so close to the start. Louis called for a reset after the corner, allowing the crew to settle into a r36. On the reach, the crew lifted out and were able to gain on Murray Edwards in front. Despite losing some momentum at the end of the reach, the crew had an amazing lift off of the railway bridge before tiering off and having a very strong finish.

Overall, W1 finished 5th in their bumps division, setting them up nicely for the term ahead.

After a strong row up, M1 started off at the plough with a ferocious start. With pair pushes down the reach and tiering off in spectacular fashion, M1 finished 6 seconds ahead of Emma M2, the first crew in their sights for Mays.

Overall, M1 finished 2nd in their bumps division.

Congratulations to both crews on outstanding performances.

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