Report: 99’s Regatta 2022

Back in May, three Sidney crews rowed in 99’s regatta. This was a crew-against-crew 1000m race up the reach.


Starting off with M2 who first raced Fitz M3. M2 lead off the start, with the gap growing until the railway bridge where Fitz started to pull ahead. M2 emptied their tanks and got a burst of speed to match them, winning the race by around a length. Unfortunately, about 300 meters into this race, stroke’s gate detached from the boat but luckily didn’t get knocked off until the end the race. While marshalling for the next round, M2 kindly received help and managed to repair the boat.

M2 had a strong second race against Magdalene M3, holding them off until the end when unfortunately Magdalene were able to pull ahead and win by around a length.


M1’s first race was against Downing M2. Downing started strongly and were able to push away slightly from M1 at the start. M1 managed to hold them for the race but couldn’t close the gap.

The second race didn’t occur since Emma M2 scratched, so M1 took the time to reevaluate and reset, getting ready for the next challenge.

The third race was the Plate Final against Darwin. M1 had a strong start and slowly drew away from Darwin throughout the race. The crew was able to win by five lengths, securing a victory in the Plate Final.


W1 was up against a strong Queens’ W1 crew first. Queens’ moved away from the start, extending their lead to just over length by the half way mark. With some effective moves in the latter half of the race, W1 managed to reduce their lead to 3/4 of a length by the finish. Spurred on by a strong second half of the race, W1 rowed up to the second race against Homerton W1.

Homerton also had a strong start, with them pulling away from Sidney W1. With some strong rowing after the railway bridge, W1 were able to reduce their lead so that Homerton only won by 3/4 of a length.

A strong performance by all crews!