Report: May Bumps 2022


Rowbridge had termed the crew a force to be reckoned with, predictions landed on this crew to emerge stronger than any Sidney crew had in recent years. Following blades in Lents, division one and earning fastest women’s crew on the river at X-press head following a strong Easter term come back, W1 remained calm and cool in May bumps prepared for anything the Cam may throw at them, trusting in their ‘hive-mind’.

W1 was chasing Wolfson W1 on the first day. The race was swift. Sidney started gaining on Wolfson around grassy corner. A move, combined with a great line around Ditton corner by cox Joe Shaw, got the first whistle. As always with Sidney W1, one whistle quickly became overlap and the crew bumped Wolfson just past Ditton corner. 

Medwards W1 was next. The second day saw Medwards fighting to hold off the crew until first post corner where W1 really settled into it. After gaining one whistle, the crew made a strong move, allowing overlap and a bump to swiftly follow on grassy corner. 

W1 was chasing Jesus W2 on the third day of bumps. The crew had another solid start winding up the rate. They gained along First post reach and Jesus W2 conceded on grassy corner.

On the last day of bumps, double blades were on the line and Emmanuel W2 brought the challenge. The first whistle was heard at the plough and the crew did what they do best- narrowing the gap. Emma W2 put up a fight here but as they moved, W1 moved with them, pushing even closer and gaining whistles. Overlap was achieved past Ditton corner and Emma W2 tried to hold off W1 here. The crew fully emptied, pushing 2 seat’s blade onto Emma’s stern and earning Sidney W1 double blades for the first time this century, if ever. M1 were so overjoyed for W1 that they decided that a champagne shower was insufficient and spraying beer as the ladies pulled in at the boathouse would be a far superior celebration 

A good crew goes up 2, a great crew goes up 3, and a lucky crew goes up 4. A big thank you to our luck- Camille Lardy and Joris Witstok- who coached us through it all. We could not have done this without their, and everyone at the boathouses’, support.


On Day 1 of bumps, M1 was chasing Emmanuel M2 down the course. M1 made steady progress against Emma and got up to three whistles under the railway bridge. However, Emma pushed off from them and M1 rowed over.

M1 was chasing Emmanuel M2 again on the second day of bumps. They came back fighting despite rowing over the day before and managed to execute a late bump on Emma under the railway bridge, where W1 were able to cheer on!

On the third day of bumps, M1 were chasing Pembroke M2. After two long races the previous days, M1 was determined to make this one shorter and caught Pembroke on First Post corner.

On the final day of bumps, M1 was chasing Homerton M1. The crew started strongly and made steady progress against Homerton, eventually bumping them at the exit of Ditton corner.

Overall, M1 performed incredibly well, moving up +3 stations! A special mention must be extended to those who subbed into the crew when injury struck – Joris Witstok, Hugo Durward and Jamie Martin.


M2 set out on Day 1 pursuing King’s M2 down the bumps course. In the interest of safety, King’s were required to perform a technical rowover and so M2 strongly rowed the length of the course, evading Trinity Hall M3 who were chasing them for a safe position on Day 2.

On day 2, King’s M2 managed to bump Wolfson M2 ahead of them before much headway could be made, meaning M2 pulled together once again to rowover.

This set up a tight situation on Day 3, with Wolfson M2 in front and St. Edmund’s M2 behind, a classic sandwich situation. With two subs stepping up into bow pair due to injuries, M2 almost made contact with Wolfson just as St. Edmund’s bumped them.

On day 4, M2 were pursued by Anglia Ruskin M1. The crew made steady progress throughout the course and were able to gradually increase the distance between them and ARU for a safe top finish; the third time M2 rowed over that week.

As the only crew in their division to row over three times and to have come very close to a bump, M2 should be very proud of their performance and excited to see where they can go next year!


On Day 1 of bumps, W2 was chasing Fitzwilliam W2 and was being chased by Lady Margaret W3. The crew had a very strong start, gaining one whistle on Fitz quickly. However, Fitz were able to catch the crew in front of them, St Catherine’s W3, before W2 could get to them. Fitz and Catz collided in a way that meant that W2 could not get past, and the crew was awarded a technical rowover early in the race.

W2 was chasing St Catherine’s W3 on the Day 2. The crew managed to gain a couple of whistles on Catz before they finished their start and bumped them on First Post Reach.

On Day 3 of bumps, W2 set out pursuing King’s W2 who had been bumped by Fitzwilliam W2 the previous day. Both W2 and King’s W2 had a strong start, with King’s gaining whistles on Fitz quickly. King’s alternated between two and three whistles on Fitz around grassy corner and along Plough reach. W2 kept pushing and gained a whistle on King’s on plough reach. After giving it everything they had, W2 bumped King’s just past Ditton corner.

On the final day of bumps, W2 was chasing Fitzwilliam W2 once again. Both crews again had a strong start, with Fitz gaining a couple of whistles on the crew in front of them. However, W2 kept pushing and got their first whistle on Fitz along plough reach which was swiftly followed by a bump just past Ditton corner.

W2 gave every day their all and finished bumps with an incredible +3 overall all while only racing 3km over the four days! A huge congratulations to the crew and their coaches.