Easter term crew announcements and words of inspiration from the captains

The selection of crews for Easter term has been completed. Now begins what is generally regarded as the heyday of the Cambridge rowing year. We are delighted to announce the following crews:



C: Phyllis Chan

S: Emma Welbourne

7: Rosie Musgrave

6: Abi Bartlett

5: Lora Downes

4: Camille Lardy

3: Megan Macnaughton

2: Frankie Povey

B: Katy McMillan


C: Tinglin Huang

S: Anna Kelsall

7: Emma Grainger

6: Joscelyn Miller

5: Michaela Schickel

4: Alice Bergin

3: Eve Denayer

2: Hannah Lobo

B: Katheryn Line


Beccy Bollard, Lauren Gomez Cullen, JiYeon Hwang


C: Joe Shaw

S: Joris Witstok

7: Philipp Hirsch

6: Günther Turk

5: Tor Svenungsson

4: Zach Lande

3: Andrew Ramsay

2: Ieuan Best

B: Charlie Spicer


Abdullah Athar, Tim Schmalz


*To be announced soon*


Here’s what our three captains have to say about the term ahead.

Charlie Spicer, Captain of Boats:

“Easter term – when it’s sunny and you can go out in the afternoons – is the best time to be rowing. When it gets to the squeaky bumtime of exams it’s very easy to isolate and stress oneself out, but I find regular outings are really beneficial for one’s sanity and health.

Rowing week has been an excellent start to term, include classics like the curry night, side meals and a games/quiz night. We’re also planning some sort of ‘summery day out’ thing… getting as many people as possible rowing (or cycling) up the river to go for a picnic or pub-trip.

As well as the standard on-Cam races like Pembroke Regatta and 99 Regatta, the 1st boats will be looking to load up the trailer and go off-Cam this term. After success at HoRR, we’ll see where ‘SSBC on tour’ takes us. Easter term’s races conclude with May Bumps – Lent Bumps but on steroids. There’ll be bigger crowds, better weather and faster rowing – not to mention lots of onesie photo opportunities.

The Boat Club’s year does not end there. Bumps is followed by Easter BCD, followed the next day by SSBC’s very own Garden Party. It’s one of the biggest events and fundraisers of our year. The Garden Party is followed by Downing Tribal, a massive party that’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there. It’s lots of rowers, alcohol and “BAMBOLEO” in a field. All in all, a very eventful Easter term to look forward to for SSBC.”

The three captains at Lent term’s Boat Club Dinner.


Abi Bartlett, Women’s Captain:

“I’m really looking forward to working with our coaches and crews to make this term another successful one for Sidney women! Our focus this term will be to work together to make sure all members reach their full potential.

Aside from looking forwards to rowing myself and captaining W1, I am excited to collaborate with Lora and Katy, our new Women’s VCs, to build up the rowers in our lower boats and to ensure that we have a strong W2 to build on our success from last Mays and keep rising up the division. I’m also looking forwards to further increasing cohesion within the club (can you tell I used to be social sec…) – some of my favourite rowing moments last term were when both us and M1 bumped and we could all celebrate together.

My role will be to enable our crews to flourish through a vigorous training plan whilst ensuring we strike a balance between this and our degrees. From my experience this time last year, I know that looking forwards to sunny Easter outings got me through long days of revision, and I can’t wait to share this with the newer members of the club.”


Günther Turk, Men’s Captain:

“Rowing in Easter term is something special to everyone in the club. The sun comes out, the guns come out and finally, there are some great races to be done. Starting with the nationwide BUCS race, M1 is kicking off the term in an exciting way. With Nines Regatta and other fun practise races we will get ready for the prestigious May Bumps, in which we hope to keep our steady upwards trend over the last few years.

I am looking very much forward to working with our fantastic team of coaches, our Men’s VCs Ieuan and Joe and the entire boat club to keep SSBC a welcoming and successful club. Both the Men’s and the Women’s side are full of committed and superb rowers and coxes. Working together as a club, we are aiming for strong, competitive and most importantly fast first and second boats.

Lastly, I want to mention that I am incredibly proud to be a member of M1, which is looking particularly strong this term. The first boat in particular does not only include a lot of experienced and exceptionally able people, we are also good friends. Session by session, the spirit of the crew evolves positively spending hours together on the water and in the gym. That’s exactly how it should be as once the cannons go off on the first day of May Bumps we have to trust each other and work as a unit.”


— Informs SSBC Publicity Officer, Tor Svenungsson

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