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May Bumps Day 1 - W3

Posted: Thursday 14 June 2012, 7:43PM by Daniel Worrall



This was the first time our crew rowed Bumps, and it was great! We were stressed at the beginning but the bank party encouraged us and we were feeling quite positive! We started off well but the crew ahead of us (Lady Margaret) bumped fairly quickly and we had to re-row. We could only row over but we tried our best and made it a really good row to the finish line! It was so good to have people cheering for us too! We felt satisfied by the end of it and we were really looking forward to rowing on Thursday!

Day 1 Summary

Posted: Thursday 14 June 2012, 11:28AM by Daniel Worrall


W2 post-bumping!

To-day's results are fairly solid, with 6 row-overs and a bump from W2 -- hurrah! -- , who have now moved up a division.

There will be more races uploaded in the morning. **If you have any videos or pictures of rowing, fun on the bank etc.. please send them in to, so we can add them to the website**

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Edited on Thu, 14th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

VIDEOS: Watch races here

May Bumps Day 1 - M2

Posted: Wednesday 13 June 2012, 10:59PM by Daniel Worrall


Report by ADAM WILLS.

M2 rowed up optimistically at what the imminent race would hold for them. We know that we amongst the fastest in out division from previous races this term and the row down included two pretty nice starts to work off.

Our actual start was a little splashy but we quickly pulled it together and made out move on Christ's IV, getting to 3/4 length. Unfortunately, the bumps gods were not with us. Christ's went easy on Grassy due to obstructions ahead of them and so we followed suit not wanting to crash into them. After some confusion, the race kept going and we quickly wound it back up. However, Christ's now held us off and pushed away a little bit and so we had to settle for the row over.

Tomorrow will be a case of bump of be bumped with the very strong Hughes Hall II chasing us. Here's to catching Christ's first.

Edited on Wed, 13th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

May Bumps Day 1 - M1

Posted: Wednesday 13 June 2012, 9:21PM by David Heywood


The row up to the start today was strong
after a slightly dodgy lead up to bumps with exam stresses and injury hitting M1 in the last two weeks.

Our positioning in the line up put us behind a strong St. Edmund's M1 crew and in front of Wolfson M1. Wolfson did not look to challenge us throughout and we took three quarters of a length off St. Edmund's in the first few hundred metres. This was only to see them lengthen out and push off us effectively, leaving us with a row over as a result.

The race today was not our fastest or cleanest rowing but a good effort never the less. We can take heart in the fact that there are areas we can improve on tomorrow that will really make us move.

Tomorrow we will look to sharpen up the technique, building on the result today to push for that bump on St. Edmunds.

Edited on Wed, 13th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

SSBC Garden Party

Posted: Saturday 05 May 2012, 3:27PM by Lois Overvoorde


Ticket sales are now open!

Edited on Sat, 12th May 12 by Lois Overvoorde

Click here for more information

Head of the Cam - Lord Protector Boat Club

Posted: Friday 04 May 2012, 12:15AM by Daniel Worrall


Report by Tasha Scott:

On 28th April 2012, Lord Protector Boat Club took to the Cam for the second time in history, to race Head of the Cam.

The women’s 8, after their success at Fairbairns, set off in high spirits. The warm up being longer than 10 strokes meant some decent paddling was done on the way up, including a few practise race pace bursts, and a visit to the outside of Grassy corner. Before they had time to get too cold, the boat was spun and the race began – the start was extremely solid and the tailwind on first post reach meant the women’s 8 were flying down the course. The corners were rowed (and coxed) well, apart from an unfortunate incident at Ditton involving Peterhouse M1 doing some overtaking after being held off extremely well down plough reach. Overall, the women’s 8 time of 11:19 was excellent. Even with losing a few seconds to concede the line, they did better than some current W1 crews, and should be very
pleased – if only there had been some competition!

The men’s 4 also performed extremely well, giving Donald Green its first race in a long time, and finishing in a respectable time of 11:34.

The men’s 8, racing slightly later and in a completely new crew make-up had a good race too. Pushing off girls sped them on to a time of 10:42, beating some lower men’s crews and almost all the town women’s crews. They also managed to get in some steady paddling too on the way back, before heading directly from the river to the pub.

With racing over, the alumni enjoyed a meal out with the very welcoming current students/committee, before heading to Sidney bar for a ‘few drinks’.

We are all looking forward to future events, particularly the 175th Anniversary Dinner, on Saturday 3rd November 2012.

Many thanks must go to Tom Ash, Alex Bathurst, Tim Scholtes, Charlie
Greenway and the entire SSBC committee for making this a great event.

(Fewer thanks go to Mother Nature, for providing the awful weather…)

Edited on Sun, 6th May 12 by Lois Overvoorde

SSBC Garden Party

Posted: Thursday 03 May 2012, 8:55AM by Lois Overvoorde


SSBC Garden Party Poster

Sidney Sussex Boat Club's 175th Anniversary Garden Party will be held on Sunday the 17th of June, 12-3pm.

Back bigger and better then ever, the SSBC garden party boasts amazing live music, burgers, icecream, and, of course, gallons of Pimms.

To top it off it is also set in the beautiful gardens of Sidney Sussex College. People from all colleges are welcome, and we are excited to see you there!

Ticketing information to follow.

Edited on Fri, 2nd May 14 by Imogen Mechie

SSBC Men Lent 2012

Posted: Thursday 05 April 2012, 11:31AM by David Heywood


Despite multiple set backs due to injury and weather conditions, SSBC Men have put in some results and training of which we can be proud. The novice intake has shown serious improvement, with the old hands being steady coaches and key members of boats to set the rhythm and lead by example on the ergs.

The term’s training was strong with M1 in putting good hours on the water and on the ergs. M2 and M3 suffered a little due to the repeated yellow flags caused by ice this term that meant they could not have as many outings as they would have liked. The land training was completed well, with the result that M1 and M2 were well prepared for the possibility of a “row over” in bumps later in term.

M1 put in a gutsy performance in miserable conditions at Pembroke Regatta, although were knocked out in the first round by Emmanuel M1. The first boat had also planned to attend Bedford Head Race but it was called off due to ice.

Bumps this year was tough for both M2 and M1. The battles on the water were characterised by last minute subbing in M1 (a big thank you to George Brown and Nick Taylor), gruelling row overs for both crews (including M1 rowing over and being called back for the re-row) and some disappointing times getting bumped. There was however an historic bump back on Jesus by M1, leaving the overall results at -1 and -2 for M1 and M2 respectively.

Looking towards the Easter Term the Men’s Club look in a good position with some strong rowers returning to the squad and the novices drawing on the experience of last term. We aim to consolidate the efforts and gains of the Lent Term with some hard training, the ultimate target being a strong performance from all four Men’s boats that are entering May Bumps.


Posted: Sunday 25 March 2012, 8:53AM by Kate Snow


Good luck to Rose Tallon and Nick Kernick who will both be rowing in Henley today.

Have a fantastic race and GDBO!

SSBC Women in Lent 2012

Posted: Tuesday 20 March 2012, 9:09PM by Olivia Duffield


Lent 2012 has been a great term for SSBC women; we’ve seen novices develop in both W1 and W2, with many competing in Bumps for the first time. As always there have been ups and downs, the latter being mostly weather related - freezing temperatures stalled training and cancelled races, while gale force winds and killer waves tested our conviction at Pembroke Regatta.

Unfortunately the cold weather meant that W1 were not able to race Bedford head; however, Norwich Head provided another opportunity for many of us to experience off-cam racing for the first time. It was a fantastic afternoon, a great course and even better post-race bacon and egg sarnies, finishing the 2k at a commendable 8.40 mins.

Lent Bumps this year was a gruelling four days for both W1 and W2 – a gruelling four days that paid off with a final result of +1 and 0 respectively. After painful row-overs and Lois Overoorde and Kate Snow’s heroic subbing (again a huge thank you from all of W1) I am extremely happy that both crews experienced the joy of finishing at least one day with greenery in their hair.

We have high hopes for the women in Easter. Last year W2 moved up 3 places to the top of Division 4, meaning this year they will be rowing as sandwich boat; a tough, rigorous training schedule and plenty of gung-ho should push W2 firmly into Division 3. With such a sterling performance from W1 last Mays, the new crew have their work cut out for them, with four places to go to move into Division 1 there is no doubt we will be gunning for blades. We are also hoping to get a few more women’s crews on the river for Mays - the more bumps the merrier! So watch this space.

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