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Tue 25 Apr:
Wed 26 Apr:

The Lord Protector Boat Club

LPBC rowers at Lent BCD 2012

The Lord Protector Boat Club is for those who still wish to row with SSBC after graduating. The club participates in various events throughout the year to ensure that those who canít quite manage to go cold turkey on the boat club can still compete and be involved in rowing for the college. It also aims to provide a strong social network amongst SSBC alumni of all vintages. The club is open to all SSBC alumni, both rowers and coxes.

LPBC have already successfully competed in Fairbairns 2011, with the women coming a respectable 3rd in the alumni VIIIs (16th overall) and the men coming 6th in the alumni VIIIs (42nd overall). The next competitions will be the Head of the Cam on the 28th April 2012 and in Fairbairns 2012, on the 30th November.

Those interested in rowing, coxing or supporting should contact at alumni-officer@ssbc.org.uk. More information can also be found on the LPBC Facebook page.


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