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Posted: Sunday 23 March 2014, 11:11PM by Lois Overvoorde


The journey to WEHORR was perhaps beset with more obstacles than usual this year. Firstly, we lost Ros Gregory to a post-BCD ankle injury, whose seat was valiantly filled by Florence Chaffey. Secondly, due to the Thames being particularly fast flowing, we weren't sure we would be allowed to take part until the Thursday before the race. It transpired that we would be allowed to on the provision that our cox had tideway experience, which, sadly, W1's regular cox Grace Dickinson did not have. Whilst I am confident that she could have handled the conditions we did not want to fall foul of race entry regulations, and so she gallantly stepped aside to be replaced by the heroic Tom 'You are our only hope!' Ash.
After a lot of frantic admin and a final outing cancelled due to fog we set off to Chiswick bright and early on Saturday morning. We arrived at Tideway Scullers School with plenty of time for re-rigging with help from the wonderful Tim Rhodes followed by a delightful pub lunch.
We set off for marshalling perhaps a little early, but this gave us time to get used to the stream, work on our onesie tans and watch about seven footballs and half a tree float past us.
Finally the race began. Our keenness to stretch out our muscles after the long wait combined with the adrenaline associated with an important race meant that we were a little rushed off the start, but Tom and our esteemed stroke Sarah Robinson managed to keep us in line. We forged ahead making substantial gains on Poplar, Blackwall & District Rowing Club by Hammersmith bridge, where we were met by cheers and shouting from a group of Sidney supporters led by the venerable Natalie Tapley. This spurred us on to overtake PBDRC soon after Hammersmith and continue on for some gusty pair pushes towards the finish line. The race ended with a mighty push to empty out, leaving us tired, sore but proud to have finished.
Our row back against the stream was long and slightly gruelling, but livened up by some imaginative pair pushes. We returned to Tideway Scullers school just as the light was beginning to fade, and the results began to come in as we were de-rigging: we had gone up from 277th place to 207th. This result bodes well for Mays next term, particularly in terms of our depth of talent as three of the women taking part were from W2. An impressive performance from all, let's keep it up next term!

Edited on Sun, 23rd Mar 14 by Lois Overvoorde

W2 Lent Bumps 2014 - Day 3 & 4

Posted: Sunday 02 March 2014, 1:09PM by Emma Moffatt


W2 started day 3 of bumps feeling very optimistic about catching Murray Edwards W2, especially after them being bumped the previous two days. Our start was a little rocky but we quickly got into our rhythm with some great lengthens. Queens W2 were straight away hot on our heels with a whistle, but we too had gained half a length on the boat in front. A few strokes later and Queens were crabbing, allowing us to pull away and start reeling in the Medwards, getting to just a canvas away. Unfortunately, in the excitement of it all, we caught a crab resulting in Medwards pulling away and us steering full pelt into a tree...Bow 4 took one for the team and we had to watch Queens row past us, claiming the bump.

Day 4 and we were in the mind set for a long and strong row. We were determined to stay focused, and our confidence was boosted after a fantastic practice start outside The Plough. The cannon went off and we immediately lost St Catz behind us with a powerful start. Soon after we heard a single whistle, Queens had crabbed! The whistles quickly increased as we put the pressure down and we were suddenly rowing past them, parked up on the bank. We had bumped them back!! After a highly eventful week we were all completely ecstatic to end on such a high, and very proud to finish as a crew that had stayed head strong and focused under all the pressure and excitement.

We all want to give a massive thank you to Jessie, Callum and Sarah for timing, bank partying and motivational speeches, and of course to Pete's friend John for his words of wisdom, pushing us out, whistling for us and cheering us on every single day! I would also like to thank W2 for making this term, and particularly this week, so much fun. It has definitely been my favourite bumps so far, helped of course by ending as SSBC's most successful crew of Lents 2014!!

W1 Lent Bumps 2014 - Day 4

Posted: Sunday 02 March 2014, 12:39PM by Sarah Robinson


After being denied the overbump on Maggie, W1 were fired up for the last day of racing. Hungry for a bump, it was do or die! It was a great row up to our station with a blistering practice start outside the plough, we were just desperate to get on with the race. Gun goes off and we immediately leave Robinson behind. Without the pressure of being bumped we bore down on Emma II quickly getting to inside a length of bumping but they put up a fight and pulled away going into grassy corner. However, once we got onto the reach Emma were finished. All week we had proved that the reach is where we row best. With an incredible power 10 after Ditton we got back to a length. Again with some mighty pair pushes we went from one length to overlap in less than 20 strokes! Two strokes into a "bump in 10" call we finally caught them! After a bit of an unlucky week we finally we got to row home with greenery in our hair and smiles on our faces!

A huge thank-you to Tim and Pete for bank partying us all week! And well done to W1 for what has been an incredible set of bumps, my favourite by far!

W1 Lent Bumps - Day 2 & 3

Posted: Friday 28 February 2014, 5:51PM by Sarah Robinson


Day 2: After a days rest W1 were determined to catch Emma II in the second race of bumps. A relaxed row up to the start line, we were fully prepared to chase down Emma. Another great start we started to reel them in getting to 1/2 length of bumping! Unfortunately we were being chased a far superior Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav crew who caught us by first post corner. Not dwelling on the result our row home was the best steady state piece we had produced all term.

Day 3: We knew we were in for a long race. Hughes Hall were going to catch Emma (which they did) leaving us with the prospect of a row over or potential overbump on Maggie. It proved to be an absolute monster of a race! Robinson tried hard to catch us but we held them at their distance before pulling away with a mammoth power 10 after Ditton corner! With Maggie in Grace's sight we continued to power down the reach! With some huge pair pushes we started to gain on Maggie pretty quickly! The whistles came under the railway bridge. With all the mens crews screaming at us to get them we gave it everything we had and it went right down to the finish line! Amongst all the excitement we had no idea whether we had overbumped them or not, I was convinced we had. Unfortunately the umpire declared that is was not a bump. Regardless we were absolutely buzzing from the best rowing we had produced all term! We're pumped for tomorrow! With a second chance at Emma and Robinson still behind us things are looking like we might finally get that bump!

W2 Lent Bumps 2014 - Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 26 February 2014, 12:08AM by Emma Moffatt


For W2, Day 1 of bumps started with nervous excitement, with most of the crew not having competed before. However, the row up was focused and smooth, with a good practice start outside The Plough that boosted everyone's confidence. Despite our inexperience, when it came down to the gun the start was fantastic, immediately resulting in a whistle from the bank. We continued strong and together, and very quickly started reeling in Clare Hall W1. Then all the term's hard work paid off as the continuous whistling began, followed by our amazing cox, Amy, exclaimed, "We've bumped!!". And we managed all this before the motorway bridge!!

We especially want to thank Jessie Beech for her excellent motivational speech and cheering from the bank. And of course Pete's friend John, who pushed us out perfectly, we wouldn't have done it (so quickly at least :P) without him!

And now to continue as we have begun, and get ourselves some blades!

W1 Lent Bumps 2014-Day 1

Posted: Tuesday 25 February 2014, 5:49PM by Sarah Robinson


After a storming perfomance at Newnham shortcourse a few weeks ago, finishing 10th out of 20 W1 boats, Sidney W1 arrived at the boat house full of confidence for the first day of racing. A strong battle paddle up to the start helped to strengthen our resolve to get the early bump. After a blistering start we were inside a length on Christs II in no time. Keeping the pressure on we chased them down to 3 whistles. Unfortunately, we couldn't quite make the killer move. After losing some distance on them at grassy we started to reel them in again but not before they could get the bump on Emma II. With nothing behind us we had to settle for a steady row over. Despite not getting the result we wanted today we're determined to come back on thursday and throw everything we have at Emma II.

Fairbairns 2013

Posted: Friday 13 December 2013, 2:30AM by David Woods


M1 pushing away from the start.

On the 5th and 6th of December SSBC and LPBC, as is now traditional, took to the water to race in the Fairbairns 2013 Cup.

This year SSBC’s hopes for Fairbairns were, as always, high. Some great times at Queens’ ergs had put our novices high up among the college rankings, and our senior squads had been working hard, pushed by the competition afforded by more than enough rowers for an eight on both sides. Predictably, the eternal Sidney enthusiasm abounded, particularly in LPBC M1 who made up for a complete lack of training by sporting matching tshirts offering “Maximum Protection”.

First to compete were Sidney’s novice contingent. Facing the traditional last-minute injuries, subs, and waiting around in the cold as the race was organised, as well as a terrible headwind, Men’s Novice A nevertheless managed to post a competitive score. Special mention goes to Dan Baker who bravely sacrificed his own core body temperature and health to row home. Get well soon Dan.

In worsening conditions Men’s Novice B, Women’s Novice A and Women’s Novice B courageously battled against the elements to post decent times. Unfortunately for Men’s and Women’s Novice C, the final division of the day was eventually called off due to high winds – however, not before MNC had raced half the course dicing with death as trees fell around them!

Thankfully for the seniors, the next day dawned with the winds subsiding. M1, W1, LPBC M1 and LPBC W1 all competed throughout Friday. M1 were the first, attempting to stave off the cold with a variety of stylish hats and wearing all the kit they own. After a mere hour’s wait we were off, missing our cox Jenny immensely but thankful for the calm and confident presence of Aimée Muirhead. Our 'Fairbairns' ergs had prepared us well, and we settled quickly into a strong, sustainable rhythm which we were able to hold down the course. That rhythm paid off, with Sidney posting a very fast time of 15:48.9, putting us 21st and in competition with Fitzwilliam, FaT and Pembroke. A massive thank you must go to Aimée, who coxed us magnificently despite subbing in without practice.

LPBC were next to compete. The women, stroked by Tasha Scott and looking professional, were off first, allowing M1 to top up the hip flasks in preparation for their effort. A fast start looked ominous, and it was, with LPBC eventually hitting the wall. However, with Adam Wills naming a variety of deep-friend cheeses down the Reach they persevered, arriving at the end just in time for a warming sip of whiskey.

Finally, the time came for W1 to race. Crew availability meant that they switched into the final division of the day, drawing some slightly bemused looks from the 4’s around them. Last down the course, they eventually set off, settling into a fast rhythm. Looking strong and controlled, they dominated the Reach before coming round Ditton Corner to find a King’s boat sideways in the middle of the river and the finish line. The discovery that the final division was only the short course (thanks Jesus) didn’t affect their determination, however, and they rowed on for several hundred metres more before being persuaded to stop.

All in all a fantastic two days racing for Sidney was had by everyone, finished off by a great BCD and raucous bop. Thank you to all who helped organise this novice term, particularly the Vice Captains Emma Moffatt, Kate Shipley and Ben Chapple. Thank you to W1’s coach and general organiser, Sarah Robinson. On behalf of M1, thank you to Dave Heywood for organising training this term and lifting more weights than the rest of us combined. Thanks to Jessie Beech for organising BCD, even if she decided to go skiing instead. Finally, a massive thank you must go to those who helped organise the LPBC entries, Tasha Scott and Joseph Payton. We hope to see you next year!

Edited on Fri, 13th Dec 13 by David Woods

Winter Head 2013

Posted: Friday 22 November 2013, 8:18AM by Sarah Robinson


W1 dominating the course during Winter Head.

On Saturday 16th November both Sidney Senior Crews competed in Winter Head. W1 had an excellent row keeping their cool as they came under pressure from Christ's and finished with a time of 11.16 giving a real boost to their confidence going into the last bit of training before Fairbairns'. M1 gave a solid performance too, finishing with a time of 9.17, convincingly ahead of their rivals for Lent Bumps. Well done to both crews.

Edited on Fri, 13th Dec 13 by David Woods

Autumn Head 2013

Posted: Sunday 20 October 2013, 1:52PM by Sarah Robinson


Autumn Head was the first race of the term for the Sidney Ladies. So early in term they were understandably nervous but super keen to get back into the racing game. The row up to the start was eventuful with a close shave with the bank, seven taking a dunk and six a blade handle to the head. Despite this the girls quickly settled themselves getting into a steady rhythm. It was a gutsy row from the girls over the 2.6k course with several pushes down the reach they crossed the finish line with a respectable time of 12.25. Now it's back to squad training to prepare for the rest of term.

Why do we row?

Posted: Friday 21 June 2013, 9:15PM by Lois Overvoorde


For the club, for the coach,
For the cox, for the crew.
For the bumps, for the blades,
Maybe getting a blue?

For ejector crabs, overbumps,
Crashes and fines.
For toned bums, massive guns,
And PB erg times.

For the curry, the swaps,
And of course BCD.
For the friends, for the laughs,
And for SSBC!

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